Introductory campaign!

3 Intake Private Trainings - €150,-

Trial lesson!

GYROTONIC® Group lesson - €20,-

Trial lesson!

GYROKINESIS® Group lesson - €10,-


At CaSa Motion we believe that a healthy body should be possible for everyone and we try to keep our prices accessible. We also offer discount packages if you visit more often.

GYROTONIC® Private - Trial package of 3 lessons €150,00

GYROTONIC® Private - Single lesson €70,00
GYROTONIC® Private - 10 lesson card €595,00 (to be used within 13 weeks)
GYROTONIC® Private - 12 lesson card €645,00 (to be used within 7 weeks)

Duo and Trio training are for people who come to take lessons as a duo or trio.
You must therefore find your own teaching partner, otherwise you can come to our group lessons. Prices are per lesson, not per person.

GYROTONIC® Duo - Single lesson €80,00
GYROTONIC® Duo - 5 lesson card €325,00 (to be used within 7 weeks)

GYROTONIC® Trio - Single lesson €90,00
GYROTONIC® Trio - 5 lesson card €375,00 (to be used within 7 weeks)

Our GYROKINESIS® group lessons are given in small groups. Enjoying rhythmic and harmonious movement together with others, the small numbers leave plenty of room for personal attention. You are always welcome for one GYROKINESIS® trial lesson.

GYROKINESIS® Group lesson - Trial lesson €10,00

GYROKINESIS® Group lesson - Single lesson €18,00
GYROKINESIS® Group lesson – 10 lesson card €150,00 (to be used within 13 weeks)

Our GYROTONIC® Group lessons are given with a maximum of 4 people. You work with the machine and learn to use it yourself. The machines provide you with support and challenge you to make movements slightly different than you are used to.

GYROTONIC® Group lesson - Trial lesson €20,00

GYROTONIC® Group lesson - Single lesson €30,00
GYROTONIC® Group lesson – 10 lesson card €250,00 (to be used within 13 weeks).

Group lessons 10 ride card €200 (to be used within 7 weeks)
Group lessons 20 ride card €370 (to be used within 12 weeks)

If you suffer from an injury or chronic complaints, our advice is to first do one or more private session(s) before participating in the group lessons. This way we can give you the best advice and look together at the best options in our studio.

Book your intake or trial lesson directly online or contact us for all your questions.