Are you interested in becoming a GYROTONIC® or GYROKINESIS® trainer yourself? CaSa Motion offers pre-trainings in both methods.
To become a trainer you have to follow a certain path.

  1. Take classes with a licensed trainer.
  2. Follow a Pre-Training Course: in this course you learn about the method and you physically prepare for the courses that will follow.
  3. Follow a Foundation Course: you will dive into this method, learn about its principles and you will acquire the skills needed to start teaching.
  4. Apprenticeship: You will begin teaching and apply what you have learned so far.
  5. Follow an Apprenticeship Review Course: after having taught you will now be able to dive into the material deeper and you can get clarity for questions that might have come up while teaching.
  6. Follow the Final Certificate Course: an assessment of your understanding of the material and your teaching skills while learning the final details of the level 1 Curriculum.

You can follow you first two steps at CaSa Motion and for the further education we are happy to help you find the best place.