Carlo Camagni

Carlo is a man of many talents; after studying piano for 8 years at the Conservatory, graduating in Nuclear Engineering in Bologna and at the Rotterdam Dance Academy. He danced with various dance companies in the Netherlands and worked as a freelance dancer in many projects with different target groups. Carlo only danced for 2 years before he came to the Netherlands to study at the dance academy and he felt that he had to catch up and become more familiar touch with his body capabilities. That's why he started training in the GYROTONIC® method and it led him to many discoveries. He continues this training to prevent injuries and to gain strength and flexibility at the start of his dancing career. In 2017 he decided to GYROTONIC® Became a trainer and has been teaching ever since. In 2022 he became GYROTONIC® en GYROKINESIS® Pre-Trainer. He finds joy in helping others get the most out of their bodies, helping people overcome injuries and discomfort, and seeing people grow beyond their own expectations.

Sammie Hermans

Even as a four-year-old, Sammie was always busy with exercise, what started as skipping in a ballet school, later turned out to be her profession. She graduated from Codarts, the Rotterdam dance academy, in 2015 and has since worked as a professional freelance dancer. Unfortunately, dancing is not without risks and she suffered a serious hip injury just before her graduation, fortunately because of this she started training in 2014. GYROTONIC® method. This way her injury passed, but the love for training this way certainly did not and so she decided to start teacher training in 2017. Afterwards, Sammie became a certified trainer in both... GYROTONIC® method & GYROKINESIS® method and she continued to take courses to improve and broaden her knowledge. In 2022 she became too GYROTONIC® Pre-Trainer.For her, the best thing about being a trainer is being able to share her love for movement through such an intelligent movement method. She likes to take the time to conduct research with her clients, to guide them in discovering their possibilities, to find out where problems can come from and, above all, to see the body change.